From Layers to Limbs!

Exploring the Interface of 3D Printing and Bio-Inspired Musculoskeletal Robotics.

April 14th, 2024, San Diego – International Conference on Soft Robotics


In an era where robotics is rapidly evolving, this RoboSoft workshop presents a pioneering exploration into the integration of 3D printing technologies with the development of musculoskeletal robotic systems inspired by nature. It aims to unravel the potential of combining the precision of traditional robotics with the adaptability of soft robotics.

At the forefront of innovation, our workshop will delve into how modern 3D printing is revolutionizing robot creation, enabling the fabrication of complex structures that blend rigid and soft components. We will investigate how this approach, combined with tendons, joints, and ligaments, promises enhanced interaction safety, natural movement, and precise control in robotic applications.

Our interactive sessions, led by renowned experts, will cover the journey from initial 3D-printed prototypes to advanced, bio-inspired musculoskeletal systems. We will explore current technologies, identify knowledge gaps, and discuss future research directions. The workshop is designed to foster collaboration and idea exchange, featuring panel discussions, speed networking, poster and demonstrator sessions, and both on-site and remote participation options.

Join us in shaping the future of robotics, where interdisciplinary innovation meets practical application. This workshop is not just a discussion forum but a launchpad for the next wave of breakthroughs in soft robotics.

Keynote Speakers & Panelists

Our workshop features an international group of robotic experts who will give keynote talks and participate in our panels.

Laura Blumenschein

Purdue University

Isuru Godage

Texas A&M University

Josie Hughes

EPFL Lausanne

Koh Hosoda

Kyoto University

Kento Kawaharazuka

University of Tokyo

Daniel Preston

Rice University

Arianna Menciassi

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Ryuma Niiyama

Meiji University

Allison Okamura

Stanford University

Ryan Sochol

University of Maryland

Ryan Truby

Northwestern University

Robert Katzschmann

ETH Zürich

Tentative Schedule

Our workshop is designed to maximize interaction and exchange of ideas among all attendees, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere to advance the field of robotics.
The workshop features keynote sessions, panel discussions, posters and demonstration, and networking sessions.

8:30 A.M.Introduction
8:40 A.M.Keynote Session 1 – 3D Printing 1
9:35 A.M.Poster Session & Coffee Break
10:20 A.M.Keynote Session 2 – 3D Printing 2
11:20 A.M.Panel Discussion 1 – 3D Printing
12:05 P.M.Joint Lunch Break
1:05 P.M.Keynote Session 3 – Musculoskeletal Robots 1
2:20 P.M.Lightning Talks & Networking
3:05 P.M.Keynote Session 4 – Musculoskeletal Robots 4
3:50 P.M.Panel Discussion 2 – Musculoskeletal Robots
4:50 P.M.Closing Remarks

Registration & Contributions

We are looking forward to your participation, please register using the above link!

We also invite researchers to participate in the workshop by presenting a poster or showing a demonstrator, including a potential lighting talk. It should cover soon-to-be or recently published research or ongoing work with preliminary results.

Please submit a 1-page abstract of your work by March 22nd April 3rd, 2024, using the above link. It should include an accompanying figure, as well as a title, author names, and affiliations.

We will inform you by March 31st April 5th if your contribution has been accepted and if you are selected for a short lighting talk!

Accepted submissions will be presented at the workshop and posted on the website.

Furthermore, there is the potential of publishing your contribution in a journal special issue.


We are part of the Soft Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich. Our lab focuses on the development of new robotic systems using biohybrid and artificial muscles, 3D printing, and musculoskeletal systems.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us!

Prof. Dr. Robert Katzschmann

Professor, ETH Zurich

Thomas Buchner

Ph.D. Student, ETH Zurich

Alexander Kübler

Research Assistant, ETH Zurich


We thank our sponsors for their support of the workshop!


Our workshop is part of the 7th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Soft Robotics.

April 14th, 2024

Hard Rock Hotel
207 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
United States